High quality and safety standards from Amazonas

High quality and safety standards from Amazonas 0


AMAZONAS stands for the highest quality and stability in the hammock sector in Germany and internationally. Not least because we are continuously optimizing our products in the interests of our customers. We are always open to suggestions! We are happy about a lively exchange of experiences with our specialist dealers and all AMAZONAS hammock users.

All of our "natura" colored Brazilian hammocks and hanging chairs are made from 100% untreated cotton. The colors of our colored hammocks and hanging chairs are guaranteed AZO-free (free of toxic dyes)!

The Intertek GS mark - a guarantee for product safety

The GS seal from Intertek indicates the "tested safety" of a product. In order for a product to receive this seal, standardized technical procedures are used to check whether a product complies with European safety standards, German requirements and additional, product-dependent requirements. The GS mark is based on the German Product Safety Act and is an officially approved mark by the German government. It can only be awarded by an independent, recognized testing and certification body such as the industry leader Intertek.

With the voluntary GS test of our products, we rule out any risk of injury to the user at a later date.
You can recognize our products that have been awarded the Intertek GS certificate by the seal shown.




EllTex: ExtraLongLastingTEXtile

EllTex hammocks and hanging chairs can be left hanging outside, even when it is raining or the sun is shining strongly.
EllTex is a special polyester-cotton blend that is very weatherproof, hardly fades and remains extremely tear-resistant even after repeated wetness. It is also cuddly soft like cotton.

You can recognize our EllTex products by the seal shown.


FSCTM for responsible forest management

AMAZONAS uses FSCTM-certified wood for its products from responsibly managed European forests. The FSCTM label on a product is a clear indicator that the product comes from responsible forest management. These products ensure the use of the forests in accordance with the social, economic and ecological needs of current and future generations. Just have a look in our shop for FSCTM-certified products.



agora - fabric for indoor and outdoor furniture

Agora fabrics are spinneret-colored acrylic fabrics that are extremely resistant, lightfast and insensitive to dirt. They let water simply roll off, similar to the lotus effect. The through-dyed fibers of the agora acrylic fabric achieve a particularly high level of light and weather resistance with the help of innovative color fixing, which means that the fabric retains its shape and color for a long time. Quality at the highest level.

You can recognize our agora products by the seal shown.

Original Do Brasil

Our Brazilian hammocks are traditionally handcrafted in Brazil. Thanks to the very well trained and experienced employees, we achieve original Brazilian quality at the highest level. Quality controls are the be-all and end-all for us. We are personally on site in our production facility on a regular basis and assure ourselves that there is no child labor.


Recycling - AMAZONAS produces sustainable

AMAZONAS hammocks are woven with recycled yarn in an environmentally friendly way. We use a technique in which cuttings are processed back into yarn. Since the fibers become shorter than before, they are removed by adding max. 15% polyester threads stabilized. Only resources whose coloring are subject to strict controls are used.

We therefore produce our (colored) hammocks in this way and thus help to conserve the natural resources of our planet and to protect the environment in the long term.

More about sustainability at AMAZONAS


  • Gabriel Frunza
What Should Be Considered When Buying An Electric Fireplace?

What Should Be Considered When Buying An Electric Fireplace? 0

Until recently, fireplaces were synonymous with combustion, and the words “electricity” and “fire” were rarely paired together in a positive way. Many of us imagine the old, electric technology of resistance heating when we think of electric heat, and those glowing red, inefficient coils are hardly associated with a comforting fireplace. But like many of the new, clean electric home technologies mentioned above, the electric fireplace has undergone rapid, and appealing, changes over the last ten years. Let’s discuss the many benefits.

Let’s start with what most people don’t associate with electric fireplaces — a great looking flame. Thanks to LEDs and a mirror element that rolls and reflects light, the electric flame is amazingly realistic. You can also change the color of the flames to match the decor of your house or your mood, creating a fun, unique, modern feature different from any other fireplace technology. 

Electric Fireplaces are cool to the touch, which is great for kids and pets. They also have all the benefits of fire, without the risk of open flames, sparks, and combustion. This means there’s no worry about fires. You can also put electric fireplaces near other appliances, including TVs.

Another unique feature of electric fireplaces is that you can watch the flames and experience the ambiance at any time of the day or year. All models come with an electric space heater to heat the room, but most have the option of turning the heater off to simply enjoy the flames. 

Installation is another key area for savings. Unlike gas or wood stoves, which require a permit and a professional to vent and install, electric fireplaces are very easy to mount or recess, and most people do it themselves. They require no outdoor venting, which means no costly pipes or chimney bricks to be run outside.

Electric fireplaces are better both for indoor and outdoor air quality and pollution. Burning wood and gas results in significant amounts of indoor air pollution with carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter released (with wood as the biggest culprit). Electric fireplaces’ homes are free from all this pollution, and families can enjoy both beautiful flames and clean air. They are also energy efficient — not in the heating elements (which are electric resistance heat and not terribly efficient) but because people can use them for zonal heating to warm the room they’re in, as opposed to a central furnace which heats many empty rooms unnecessarily.

Because wood fuel comes from plants that pull CO2 out of the atmosphere, some argue it has zero carbon emissions. Yet older wood stoves put out lots of air contamination for our neighbours and community to breathe. Natural gas has major problems with fracking, leakage and carbon emissions, which is why cities across the world are moving to ban it. Electricity, on the other hand, is getting dramatically cleaner every year with the rise of renewables and the demise of coal.

Electric fireplaces start with the push of a button and require no chopping, stacking or loading wood or ash clean up. 

Like other modern electric appliances, electric fireplaces can come equipped with lots of new features, like remote controls, bluetooth audio speakers, wifi connections, and touchscreen panels. These things don’t really matter much to me but I’m sure some people think they’re cool!

  • Gabriel Frunza
How Well Does an Electric Fireplace Heat a Room?

How Well Does an Electric Fireplace Heat a Room? 0

Compared to gas or wood burning fireplaces, an electric fireplace heater requires fewer materials and energy to generate heat. By purchasing an electric heater, you’re doing more than selecting an efficient heating solution, you’re helping the environment by not burning natural resources, or releasing toxic gasses into the atmosphere.  

Not only are electric fireplace heating solutions affordable, but research also shows that up to 50% of the heat energy generated by other fireplace options is lost as it’s absorbed into the atmosphere. An electric fireplace heater, on the other hand, ensures that little or no energy is sacrificed because it is converted directly into an efficient heat source. 

With an electric fireplace heater, the warmth they provide is dissipated directly into the room. It’s not lost through special venting or chimneys required by other types of fireplaces. 

A conventional fireplace requires a tremendous amount of planning and construction to achieve the desired look. In contrast, an electric fireplace is a hassle-free solution with an uncomplicated installation process. 

Yes! Today’s electric fireplaces not only come in a variety of sizes and designs, but they are also available in varying heating capabilities. Electric fireplaces can also heat a room faster and more efficiently than wood-burning fireplaces, and they’re safe to use. These cost-effective heaters are also one of the most efficient ways to heat a room, which reduces energy costs.  

  • James Woods
Which Is The Best Electric Fireplaces To Buy In 2021?

Which Is The Best Electric Fireplaces To Buy In 2021? 0

Whether you’re looking to rejuvenate a non-functional hearth, or you just want to spice up the décor of your sitting room or conservatory, you should consider an electric fireplace.

Not only are they capable of recreating the warmth and cosiness of real flames, they do so much more. With wall-mounted or freestanding deployments and all manner of mood lighting effects, you can create a focal point that truly livens up any room in a way that is unique to your tastes.

Let’s face it, you’re not buying an electric fireplace simply to stay warm. After all, you could buy a basic heater to do that. But who’s ever heard of gathering around the oil-filled radiator to join in merriment? You need a fireplace for that; and in lieu of solid fuel or gas systems, an electric fireplace must properly set the mood in addition to casting warmth.

The flame itself is a big part of this. We searched for brands which put extra effort into making the hearth resemble a proper roaring fire. 3D effects are nice, especially in conjunction with a convincing log bed. Resin logs look the best, while mere picture images may sap some of the magic out. Other additions include pebbles or glass crystals, which provide myriad surfaces for the light to play off of and create more brilliance.

Workmanship and design are essential to instilling a sense of luxury, as well. After all, a traditional fireplace is a monolithic thing; you literally sit family heirlooms upon the mantel for posterity. Your electric fireplace should feel similarly solid, as though it will faithfully withstand the test of time so that it may continue to serve the warmth you need. Just because a fireplace is made of MDF, doesn’t mean it needs to feel (or worse, look) flimsy. Clever construction will join inexpensive materials in a reliable fashion.

This is really an extension of our conversation on luxury. You may not feel mood lighting is strictly necessary from a fireplace which already casts a glow from the flame. But much like how the image on your TV screen pops better with appropriate wall effects, so too will the fiery contents of your artificial hearth benefit from good mood lighting.

LEDs are energy efficient and brilliant, but you’ll want to ensure they’re not too brilliant. You want to invoke a warm glow you can fall asleep in front of–not piercing neon lights which keep you up. That’s not to say mood lighting must necessarily serve a rustic aesthetic. Gentle purples and blues in the bed or about the flame can lend your room a loungey chic that is nevertheless extremely inviting. Indeed, many fireplaces integrate directly into home entertainment systems. You’ll want to ensure you get a vivid pop of colour, without interfering with the cosiness of theatre lighting.

The more control you have over your lighting effects, the happier you’ll be with them. You’ll appreciate being able to use the flame, heat, and mood lighting independently of one another–it may be summer, but you can still enjoy the warm glow of a cool fireplace. Being able to cycle through colours is a nice feature, as are dimmer switches which simulate the gradual dying down of the fire. Perhaps most important of all, you’ll want to control the brightness to match the mood.

  • James Woods