Looking for cast iron chimineas in the UK?
Take a look at our range below, as well as our FAQs about chimineas.

Liven up your garden!
Bring some life to the garden area of your home with one of our beautiful cast iron chimineas.  Not only does the traditional Mexican style look stunning amongst the natural beauty of a well-maintained garden, but they are a great piece of equipment for entertaining friends and family during an outdoor dinner party!

Stay warm and toasty in the evenings
Keep your guests warm as the cooler UK evenings approach and the temperature drops.  Our metal chimineas are fantastic at keeping the surrounding areas warm, just load them up with your fuel of choice and light, voilà!

The exquisite outdoor oven
Is it your turn to throw the annual family BBQ?  Well, chimineas are a great way to cook outdoors, whether it's BBQ, pizza or a variety of other dishes, your cooking will never be the same again!  The grill contained inside allows you to directly over the flame or use the grill as a shelf for an oven tray or roasting tin.

Browse our range of chimineas
Our cast iron fire pits come in a variety of styles, designs and sizes.  Choose from black or bronze colour, small, medium, large or extra large sizes as well as the option to go for our chiminea with grape pattern design.

So take a look at some of our styles below and shop now!

Cast Iron Chimineas

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